Hello World

How to Be Human in the Age of the Machine

Paperback, 243 pages

English language

Published Sept. 6, 2018 by Transworld Publishers Limited.

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Would you let an algorithm determine your fate? Hannah Fry lifts the lid on the world of algorithms, examining how they impact our future and whether they really are an improvement on the humans they replace.

You are accused of a crime? Who would you rather decides your future – an algorithm or a human?

Before making your decision, bear in mind that the algorithm will always be more consistent, and far less prone to an error of judgement. Then again, at least the human will be able to look you in the eye before determining your fate. How much fairness would you be willing to sacrifice for that human touch?

This is just one of the dilemmas we face in the age of the algorithm, where the machine rules supreme, telling us what to watch, where to go, even who to send to prison. As increasingly we rely on …

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  • Technology, social aspects
  • Computer algorithms
  • Technological innovations